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4 Major Reasons to Take Alpha Lipoic Acid

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Premature aging can be combated with the help of alpha lipoic acid. Alpha lipoic provides support for our system, from the skin to the bloodstream, down to our muscles tissues, it keeps us feeling and looking healthy.

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Alpha lipoic helps fight free radicals in the body

Our inflammatory and metabolic processes often involves a lot of free radicals. These unstable molecules are neutralized by the innate antioxidants in our body like glutathione and alpha lipoic acid before they do permeant damage to the healthy tissues and cells.

Before now, a nutrient-dense, vitamin-packed diet could easily rescind free radical damage. However, there has been a surge in the amount of free radicals due to air pollution, processed foods, pesticides and industrial chemicals, which can overwhelm both natural supplies as well as those consumed in foods. Alpha lipoic is a universal antioxidant, so it fights free radicals in the tissues of the body, whether water-based or fat-based. This is a unique trait amongst antioxidants. Being water-soluble, vitamin C can only work on water-based tissues, and fat-soluble vitamin E works only in fats.

According to experts, the fact that they’re producing more free radicals means that the natural alpha lipoic acid supplies are inadequate, which makes supplementing a necessity. Alpha lipoic acid works overtime by aiding in the production of lots of other antioxidants. An antioxidant loses its antioxidant capabilities when it neutralizes free radicals. The alpha lipoic acid works by recharging the spent antioxidants, in other to prevent additional free radical damage. This power also extends to master antioxidants. Numerous studies have shown that cellular glutathione production is also enhanced by alpha lipoic acid. The implication of all these is that our ability to combat oxidative stress is supercharged when we consume alpha lipoic.

Alpha lipoic acid can help boost healthy blood sugar

Carbohydrate metabolism is the primary role of Alpha Lipoic Acid. A large chunk of our calories come from carbohydrates, because they’re the most common of the 3 macronutrients (fats, proteins, carbs) found in foods the world over. Carbohydrates may have different complexities, but at the end of the day, they are broken into simple glucose sugar which is turned into fuel by our cells. Carbohydrates are not the only nutrients that break down into sugar molecules, some proteins also do.

Glucose is converted to pyruvate before it can enter the mitochondria to become energy. The pyruvate in the mitochondria is converted to acetyl co-enzyme A, which eventually becomes energy. Alpha lipoic acid, is required for this final conversion. It is impossible to transform the pyruvate into energy if there is no alpha lipoic acid. This is why alpha lipoic acid is so essential during sugar metabolism. 

If glucose is not taken up and converted by the mitochondria, the cells will not have the requisite energy, which means the sugar will remain within the bloodstream which can cause damage to muscle tissues and brain cells. In the words of Burt Berkson, MD, PhD, the author of The Alpha Lipoic Acid Breakthrough, “ALA has also been proven to improve glucose transport from the blood into the cells. The increased amount of sugar transported into the cells generates increased brain energy availability and muscle performance. When the body’s cells take up the excess sugar in the blood, the mitochondria work more efficiently, glucose levels drop.”

The insulin hormone is the hormone that helps glucose to move around the cells. Constant sugar consumption decreases insulin sensitivity, which means your cells will not be able to respond to your insulin signal leaving glucose in your blood. Researchers have discovered that alpha lipoic acid provides support in the movement of glucose into your cell, which aids insulin sensitivity.

Alpha lipoic acid can be used by body builders to develop their muscles

Alpha lipoic acid is often used by bodybuilders and people who desire to alter the composition of their body, to provide further support for their insulin sensitivity and cellular glucose uptake. These athletes pay special attention to their macronutrient intake, as most of them track their consumption level to the last gram and ensure that their carbohydrate ingestion aligns with their workout routines. Carbohydrate is the major source of fuel for the muscles during exercise, they are the major requirement for muscle building.

Athletes, and fit folks often consume carbohydrate-based snacks in other to support their muscle performance when exercising. For most of these athletes, a carbohydrate and protein shake is the best post-workout drink because that combination has been proven to grow and repair muscles. Alpha lipoic is used by the savviest muscle builders to optimize their glucose uptake into skeletal muscles in a bid to maximize growth.

The muscle building benefits of the alpha lipoic acid was expanded by a 2003 study by demonstrating how the nutrient, and some simple sugar sucrose, can increase the muscle creatine content. The necessary protein synthesis for strength gains and muscle growth are stimulated by creatine.


Alpha lipoic promotes healthy skin

Being an antioxidant and a boost for blood sugar levels, there is no denying the skin boosting capabilities of alpha lipoic acid. The skin is one of the major organs involved in free radical damage, being an organ that is tasked with protecting our internal structures from environmental insults. The skin often suffers the consequences of cigarette smoke, UV damage, and lots of other external contaminants which generate a lot of free radicals. Premature wrinkling can be traced to free radical damage. 

Though some damage can be attributed to external sources, skin issues like overly wrinkled skin and sagging, can be traced to elevated sugar level. When there is excessive sugar in our bloodstream, it can lead to a buildup of bad glucose metabolism byproducts which damages the collagen, which is the major structural protein responsible for youthful and firm skin. This reaction as well as the subsequent formation of such damaging byproducts, can be repressed by the alpha lipoic acid.

get intravenous result with an oral dosage of lypo-spheric vitamin c

Which alpha lipoic acid supplement is the most effective?

Since our bodies do not produce enough alpha lipoic acid, a lot of experts have recommended supplementing, especially for people who are often exposed to excess free radicals. And we cannot rely on absorption from the traditional oral supplements within the digestive tract because alpha lipoic acid is repelled and attracted to water at the same time. The nutrient is wrapped in phospholipids by liposomal alpha lipoic acid. This phospholipids is transported through the bloodstream, down to the cells, enabling superior absorption and avoiding gastrointestinal tract challenges.

get intravenous result with an oral dosage of lypo-spheric vitamin c

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BOTTOM LINE: Lypo-SphericTM Vitamin C provides the best of Vitamin C and phosphatidylcholine. Plus, no other oral delivery system can transport more undegraded, bio-available Vitamin C into your system -- nothing's even close!*

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